Saturday, October 20, 2012


I am not much one for accepting “no” as an answer. I have come up against too many walls in my day to let something as simple as an obstacle stop me from getting what I want. So when I found myself once again querying agents with nothing but rejection slips in the inbox, I asked how I might move this writing business to the next step.

I have been content for the past while to have my words on blog. You guys are a great audience. As much as I enjoy the process of writing merely for the process of writing, I do enjoy a good parade across a stage. I have felt the need lately, however, to move these words in front of others. I have felt the need to take the next step. When the traditional publishing route failed me, I decided to try a more modern approach. Be gentle with me now. This self-publishing stuff is stressful. While I was born with pen in hand and sketching out a good thought comes as easily as breathing, tech issues and I have, well, issues. I am not a cover artist. I can barely shoot a photo that isn’t blurred. I format text in my nightmares. But I have done my best, and that is all that I can ask of myself at this point. My words are out there. That is what is important.

Thank you so much for reading me, for supporting me as you have. As much as I complain about exposing myself to you, I do get a slight kick from it. I am hoping that this posting to blog is not a completely selfish act. I am hoping that I give you something in return, that I enrich YOUR life as much as you enrich mine.

So, shall we celebrate together? Take yourself on over to Amazon and check out my author page. That’s my face. On Amazon. How cool is that? Just a warning, though, that is also my life on Amazon. Be on the lookout for some great mental breakdown essays to follow.

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