Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hump Day

I have never liked that phrase. Number one, I envision a celebration of wild, unbridled sex. Number two, it conjures up the idea that work is something one must endure in order to get to the real point of living, that being partying, spending time with family and friends, and lying around consuming inordinate amounts of junk food and trash tv. I must say that I am a fan of neither. I believe that one should enjoy junk food, trash tv, and wild, unbridled sex whenever taking the notion and not just on the weekend or special occasion. Still, I get the point.

As a little girl, I loved to ride my bicycle. Uphill was always the toughest. It was grueling, tiring, challenging in every sense of the word. There was this sense of wanting to give up, but not being able to because I was in the middle of the upside of a hill. You can’t exactly stop halfway through the upside of a hill. As soon as I reached the top of that hill, however, hope surged back into my body, energy breathed life back into my bones, and sunshine flooded every nook and cranny of my tiny little soul. I’d take my feet off the pedals, breathe one deep steadying breath, and fly down that slope with the sun on my back and the wind in my face. It is no different with life. This Hump Day that we speak of is nothing more than that point at which we reach the top of that hill, that point at which we begin to see the fruits of our often much complained about labor, that point at which we surpass the storm and begin to make out the rainbow.

It’s not like we plan these things. It’s not like we look at the calendar and think, yes, today is the day I will meet with that challenge that will consume the next two years of my life, today is the day I will begin that grueling ascent up that slope. We don’t see that we are approaching the hill. We don’t even always know that we are ON the bike. It’s often not until we are past that point of being able to quit that we realize we are in the middle of something we may never have chosen to take on.

I met with such a challenge recently. It HAS consumed a good near two years of my life. I must confess that it has been an ugly ride. I have whined a good deal on this journey. I am not much one for endurance sports. Or sports. Or endurance. I have always had the benefit, however, of a strategic mind and refused to let something as simple as an obstacle stand in my way. I am not much one for no. I do expect that I will eventually reach the goal, that I will meet with victory, that I will achieve that which I set out to achieve. Quickly. And with as little pain as possible.

With this particular hill, however, I finally met my match.

Nonetheless, I have kept pedaling. I have eaten dirt, taken gravel to the knees, and thrown out some very unladylike swear words. Most of the journey I could see nothing more than the road in front of my wheels. Most of the journey I dragged unsuspecting spectators into my misery. Most of the journey I forgot that a hill is shaped with two sides, not one. Most of the journey I wanted to be anywhere else but on that journey.

And now. Now I find myself at the top of that hill looking out. This is not a place I expected myself to ever be. For one, I forgot it existed. I could not see this place in my mind, could not imagine it. I must say the view is spectacular. I can feel the hope flowing back into my body, can feel the energy breathing life into my bones, can feel the sunshine filling every nook and cranny of my tired, old soul. I am ready now to take my feet off those pedals. I am ready to breathe one deep steadying breath. I am ready to fly down that slope, welcoming the fruits of my much complained about labor. I am ready. It’s Hump Day, baby. Let the wild, unbridled life begin.

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