Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Patience Please

Just a note to all you blog followers out there. I have not disappeared. I have not been kidnapped and held for ransom. I have not fallen into some dark hole and have yet to be found. I am, in fact, still going about my days, still breathing, and still writing.

I am a little distracted lately, however, as I am working on a book. I am trying my hand at a fiction piece. FICTION!! Of all things! Apparently, I cannot multitask when it comes to penning words. Or maybe when it comes to life. And fiction. This is taking every bit of brain energy I can muster.

While you wait, scroll back through some old favorites here on the blog. Or, even better, check out my collections of essays on Amazon at the link below. I think you will be pleased.

And thank you for understanding. I'm hoping for an agent for this one. Hoping to see this book on the stands. Cross all your fingers and your eyeballs for me, and send me tons of groovy vibes.

Peace and love, my friends. And have a beautiful rest of your day.


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