Friday, December 30, 2016

To Loosen a Button or To Not Loosen a Button….Top Posts of 2016

To loosen the button or to rip off the whole damn shirt, this is the dilemma when I write. Many blogs I follow are informational. How to save and make money in super random ways (Thank you, Penny Hoarder. You rock!). What is the latest news on the vegan scene (love you, VegNews)? Where can I find great recipes when I’m stuck for something new? Oh, She Glows. The answer is Oh, She Glows. These blogs are bullet-pointed, tip-filled gems. Even the blogs I follow for entertainment only, though, are somewhat removed from the writer’s personal life. The articles wax philosophical or crack a joke here and there but they draw the line at airing any sort of personal stuff. Keep it funny, keep it entertaining, but don’t talk about that afternoon I walked around with my dress stuck inside my underpants, ass cheeks hanging out for all to see.

And, yet, this is what you read. I’ve learned from the years I’ve maintained this site that if I give you a glimpse of a bit of cleavage or let you into my head when I’m falling down drunk, you cheer, applaud, and share with your friends. I try writing that philosophical crap. I try removing the words from my life. I try, and you ignore me. But when I parade myself in front of you shooting a seductive look, mussing my hair til it’s bedroom sexy, you offer me a drink and invite me in for a sit.

Cue The Bloggess. She is my superhero in blogging. She tells it like it is, never apologizes for being real, and flings around swear words like a freaking, curler-haired sailor. And she’s crazy hilarious. When I grow up I want to be Jenny, the Bloggess. Only I would be Tammie, the Bloggess. Only I can’t be the Bloggess because that’s Jenny. I would be Tammie, the super-funny blogger that writes about real life and flits around the stage flinging eff words and glitter.

Until then, proof that if I let you in, you will read. These are the top Pixie Dust blog posts of 2016. You seemed to enjoy them the first time around. I hope you enjoy them again.

Tammie Does Divorce

A Come to Jesus with My Soul

Do You Come Here Often?

Lost and Found

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